Past Projects

In August of 2000 Heal The Kids Project went to Venezuela through the Nazarene Church and gave medications to needy kids in the ghettos of Caracas. This was one of the areas where a year earlier, 50,000 men, women and children died and were buried under mud slides due to torrential rain in the mountains.

In December, Domenic, Maria Esther and the ir two little girls went back to Venezuela. Through the Heal The Kids Project, needy kids at the local hospital were given free medicine to help them overcome their illnesses.

Clean drinking water helps prevent many diseases at a school in Kawangware.

Kawangware is a slum in Kenya, approximately 15km from the city of Nairobi. Thousands of residents do not have safe drinking water, many of whom are children.  Heal The Kids Project travelled to Kawangware, working closely with professional engineers from Nairobi, to bring clean water to school children.

Children receive clean drinking water at their school in Kawangware.

Children in Kawangware receive clean drinking water with the help of Heal The Kids Project

Naroosura is a settlement in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province in Narok South district, approximately 42 miles south of Narok Town on an often neglected road. Heal The Kids Project is currently raising funds to aid in the build of a water tank and pump station to bring clean drinking water to the school children. This is Phase 1 of the Naroosura Water Project. Phase 2 is to build an irrigation system for the 100 acres of land given to the people by the government. With the implementation of the irrigation system, the village will be able to plant crops of tomatoes, beans, potatoes and maize and will be able to cultivate enough food to feed the village of 3,000 people. The cost for both phases of the project is approximately $40,000 US dollars – the price of one luxury car. Heal The Kids Project is working closely with professional engineers from Nairobi with Dominic and daughter Christina heading to the village in April 2011 to survey the land and meet with the engineers. To donate to this project, please contact Dominic at:

Children outside of their schoolhouse in Naroosura, Kenya.

Children at school in the village of Naroosura, Kenya.

Villagers of Narosura survey the land where the water tank will be built to bring clean drinking water to schoolchildren and irrigate vital crop land.

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